A New Outlook on Education


This past year, like none before, has illuminated the quality and content of education offered to kids at all levels of learning. School closures and remote working proved more than an inconvenience to kids and parents; the circumstances brought hardship, a decline in scholastic performance, and a psychological impact. But it also shed light on a problem many were not aware existed, namely the indoctrination of social and political values.

Parents bearing the costs of higher education have become keenly aware of the agenda infused into the school curriculum. While the parents of students enjoying financial relief from scholarship awards may not be as significantly impacted as those accruing debt in the tens of thousands of dollars every year, those forking over the hefty tuition costs are doing so for the experience and reputation of a degree from a particular university. If the entire college experience takes place over the internet with little interaction from the professor, is it worth paying so much more than the cost of a local college?

Financial Impact

The social distancing enforcement that led to the remote classroom model has had a significant bearing on parents of young children. In families with two working parents, trying to perform their own work remotely, often over Zoom conferences, was a big challenge when also tasked with overseeing their children’s home schooling. Some lost their jobs completely due to the closures of their employer’s businesses and faced the stress of paying living expenses on top of the stress of adapting to Covid restrictions. 

Psychological Impact

The lack of face-to-face contact led to an increase of psychological problems, drug use and suicides among teenagers. The gloom and doom our children feel about their future and being told this new dystopic living situation is the new normal has led to depression, isolation, and loss of hope. 

And while adapting to all the above, the astounding discovery parents across the nation have uncovered is the widespread indoctrination of un-American values, including critical race theory. Little kids are being told they are racist at the age of five when kids of all ethnic backgrounds are just their playmates. Parents have been voicing their opposition in town hall and school board meetings to fight back against these practices. 

Effectiveness of Delivery

Parents are tasked with feeding, disciplining, and instilling moral values; however, most are not well equipped to teach their children the broad spectrum of topics included in the school curriculum.

What parents must ask themselves is if the funding schools receive for their children is made available to them to choose the course of their children’s education, how do they want to move forward with this knowledge? They could turn to private schools of their choice or even pool their money with other parents to teach their kids in a small, in-home setting. It certainly makes more sense than trying to compensate for what the schools are no longer providing. We may very well see new opportunities arise if the schools do not respond to public opinion. After all, a public education is not free when most of your local taxes are allocated towards paying for the education system.

Whether you pay a high price for tuition or a high price for the manipulation of your children is a choice – one we must all take notice of and a stand against. 

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