Best Electric Scooters in Brisbane


Are you looking for the best electric scooters to ease your daily transport needs? Maybe you want to cruise down the streets with other riders for fun or attend a gym session without the stress of using public transport. Looking for the best electric scooter that’ll last long and giving you a perfect experience can be challenging. This article from the best electric scooter store in Brisbane will take you through the three best electric scooters you can choose from.

  1. Ninebot Max

It is one of the best electric scooters for riders in Brisbane. It can cover 40 miles at a speed of 18mph that’s a relatively higher speed than other scooters. The braking system guarantees nothing but safety. It has rear and front brakes that require little to no maintenance. You also don’t have to worry about how long your battery will last when riding. Ninebot Max has a powerful battery that has a long lifespan and is always safe from external factors.

Ninebot Max has a regenerative brake system that collects energy from the brake system and recycles it into electric power for more energy. It also has a built-in charger that ensures fast charging that doesn’t need you to carry an adapter. You can easily fold and carry it in public or store it without minding the space available.

  1. Mearth S Series

Mearth S Series is an electric scooter meant to give riders in Brisbane stress-free riding moments. It is lightweight and durable when taken good care of. When riding a distance of more than 25km, you don’t have to worry about a drained battery. You can carry several lightweight lithium-ion batteries to swap the depleted battery.

This electric scooter comes in two versions. There is the Mearth S and the Mearth S Pro. The good thing about using the Mearth S Pro is that you can cover a longer distance than Mearth S before the battery is drained. To have a feeling of safety, Mearth S Series has powerful brakes that keep you safe while on the go. The tires are designed to offer you safe riding. The Mearth S Pro has 10-inch inflatable tires that are explosion-proof and helps in shock absorption. You can ride at a speed of 25km/h and cover a distance of 45km before the lithium-ion battery gets drained.

  1. Mearth X Pro

Mearth X Pro is a more advanced electronic scooter meant to give you a better taste using it. With an external battery, you’re assured to cover a distance of more than 45km at a speed of 25kph. It has a kinetic energy recovery system to keep your battery charged with kinetic energy. This helps increase its performance even when covering long distances.

Mearth X Pro is also easy to handle. The stand is designed to make riders feel comfortable with natural rubber grips. Mearth X Pro has an advanced folding mechanism to ensure you feel convenient when carrying or storing it. It is a powerful electric scooter that can climb hills while riding. The tires are built to withstand Brisbane paths and terrains. The 8-inch solid tires help riders to move smoothly on all the tracks.


When looking for an electric scooter in Brisbane, you need to look for one that’ll serve you right. A safe and long-lasting electric scooter will ensure you will keep riding your electric scooter for long. It will also serve most of your commute needs that cover short distances. The best electric scooters that will offer you a top-notch experience in Brisbane are Ninebot Max, Mearth S Series, and Mearth X Pro scooters.

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