Easy and Amazing Book Writing Softwares

Book Writing Softwares

If you a writer, then this is the best time to pour out your heart and let the world know your story. But it is not as easy as it seems. Book writing is one of the hardest jobs there is and its not just the creative story you need to worry about. The whole book writing job requires excessive editing and proofing, all of this cannot be done alone. Well, lucky for you, nowadays there are hundreds of writing software available that make sure that the book you publish is free from any error or mistake.
We are going to list some of the most popular book writing software, paid and free, to help you along this journey and make sure you have the best content possible.

Microsoft Word

This is a classic, Microsoft Word has been used for writing and editing as long as we can remember. Although, people do not normally use it for book writing, it is quite helpful if you want a word document or a familiar environment. It is easy to understand and is available in both Mac and Windows.
The only drawback would be its inability to convert into eBooks or other formats, but you can easily use another software for it. Microsoft Word is a great way to start up, especially if it’s your first time writing a book.


One of the most popular book writing software used by writers is Scrivener. The fact that it is paid adds to its reliability and performance. Scrivener is equipped with many amazing features that make sure you can research, manage, organize, edit, and proofread your work. It has a step by step approach and makes sure your work is completed on time and in an orderly manner.
Bonus includes its many available templates that help you greatly during the procedure, its ability to drag and drop for rearranging content, and the many format options it has.

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It is exactly what the name entails. STORYSHOP is not only a book writing software, it also helps in creating the perfect world by its many templates and cool features that help you stay on track. It has character cards, which make sure you write according to its personality and do not stray from the essence of the book. You can store notes, summaries, and edit all in one place.
The drawbacks include no other formats other than .docx and paid subscriptions to avail the advanced features.


Whether you are writing a short story or a complete novel, chances are this is the best tool for both. With its ability to create a storyboard and character cards, you are not only on track but never stray too far from the original story. It also has the feature to add pictures and background so that this journey is as fun for you as it is simple. Its drag and drop options help you in rearranging paragraphs or chapters. All your chapters are viewed in the sidebar. Although, it is free, it is only available for Windows and that is major drawbacks for many writers.


These are just a few among the many amazing book writing software out there just like book writing. By using writing software, you can easily write a book and have fun doing it too! From writing, editing to publishing, they have it all!