Five Valuable Varieties of Online Business Tools


There is a wide range of platforms, apps, and extensions to assist business professionals in almost any role complete their jobs more effectively and efficiently. Here we list five categories of useful tools for busy business professionals in human resources (HR), accounting, finance, operations, customer support, and marketing.

File-Sharing Tools

Sharing very large files as email attachments, especially to groups of recipients is problematic as it fills up inboxes and may result in multiple versions of the file being created.

File sharing tools allow you to easily and safely share videos, high-resolution images, and other very large files with any person or group, and keep files in sync across your devices. 

Personal Productivity Tools

There are a multitude of tools available for managing personal work. These tools can help you make better use of your time, so you get more done. As with many of the other types of tools covered so far, these come in a variety of different types.

Project Management Tools

Ensuring your own tasks and projects are on track can be challenging. Coordinating the work of a project team makes this even more difficult. 

There are project management tools available to help you keep projects running smoothly.  Features and capabilities vary from tool to tool, but most of these tools include a core set of functions including the ability to create and monitor projects, add team members, assign jobs, track the status of individual tasks and overall progress, speak with or message team members, create alerts and notifications and attach and share project-related files (documents, images, videos, etc.).

Online HR, Payroll, and Employee Scheduling Tools

In small to midsize firms, Human Resources is a mix of tactical, operational requirements like making sure staff are paid accurately and on time, and more strategic functions like employee engagement and professional development.

There are a range of online tools to help with both the tactical and strategic sides of HR. General-purpose HR management tools help take care of the operational fundamentals. Features vary a bit from package to package but normally include payroll management, regulatory compliance, employee record keeping, and benefits administration.

Small Business Accounting and Finance Tools

As with project management and HR tools, there is a range of general online accounting platforms that vary in relation to specific features but offer a common core of functionality, encompassing. They include invoicing and billing, purchasing/purchase orders, expense tracking, payroll administration, inventory control and financial reporting.