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5 ways to improve your Business with Social Media


A good Social Media Marketing Strategy should help you achieve the objectives you
have set for your business. For this it has to be dynamic, so that it can adjust to the
variations that occur in the media every day. And of course, you must contemplate
every novelty and detail in the matter of Social Networks, in order to get the most out
of them. I'll talk about it today!

In this blog post I will share with you the 5 fundamental tips to improve your Social
Media Marketing. Here you will know the aspects that you should consider and the
techniques that you have to use to boost your campaign in the Social Networks. Do
not forget to save this post in favourites!

1. Attracts the attention of users with Infographics

People love infographics! They are able to summarize data and present it in an
attractive and didactic way, all at once. Therefore, I advise you to include this kind of
graphic products in your blog posts. They will help you provide your audience with
added value.
Now, it is fair that you ask yourself: how do I make an infographic? Fortunately,
today it is not necessary to be a designer to compose this kind of graphics. Thanks to
online tools like Canvas, you can create them very easily. And besides, they look

2. Keep your content always fresh

An excellent strategy to get the most out of your content is to always keep them
updated. For this I recommend, first of all, review your articles in search of those that
have received more acceptance from the audience. Once you have found them, you
must apply the necessary updates (for example, add data that has emerged after its
Once your most successful posts are ready, you can re-publish them on your social
networks. You can use Positron to schedule entries on Facebook, Twitter, and other
social networks so that they are published on the day and time you determine. Voilà!

3. Take advantage of your blog!

As you know, in the matter of Social Media Bots marketing " content is king ".
Indeed, it is he who enables you to give users added value. Now, I recommend that
you keep in mind that your blog posts can have different formats, in other words … be
Thus, according to your needs you can write short articles, photographic posts, longer
texts, microblogging and more. In all cases, it is important that your content is
optimized to be displayed correctly on mobile devices, where a large part of the social
media audience comes from. You can check if they are fit for it with the help of

Windows Resizer, an extension for Chrome that lets you know how your content
looks through the different resolutions.

4. Use the social buttons

To boost the dissemination of your content, it is important that you give users a way to
share your posts on their accounts and with their friends. This is what social buttons
are for, which allow people to publish your posts on their Social media bots with the
press of a button. If your blog is hosted on WordPress servers, you can add them with
AddToAny, a plug-in specially developed for that site.

5. Organize contests and promotions

Organizing promotions and contests on Facebook is an excellent way to honour your
followers and entertain them at the same time. For this you can resort to the most
important vespers of the year, such as Christmas or Mother's Day. Being present on
special occasions will help you look more human in front of your audience and will
encourage people to associate your brand with happy moments

It is important that you organize your efforts on social networks like social media
bots, so that you can carry out your marketing strategy with greater efficiency. To do
this you have to make sure you can measure the effectiveness of your campaigns.
With that objective and also to facilitate your daily tasks in the Social Networks, there
are the Content Calendars for Social Media.

Many times it happens that when browsing the Internet, you
find articles, photographs and interesting information to post on
Twitter, share posts on Facebook and share on your different social



Andrej Fedek is a digital marketer, specializing in Outreach strategies, International SEO
and Influencer Marketing. He recently started his own blog and site about digital marketing
and social media called IntercoolStudio and BestbotsToday. His passion is to help startups
grow and thrive in a competitive environment.