How Technology Is Playing A Crucial Role For Creating Invitations?

How Technology Is Playing A Crucial Role For Creating Invitations

Almost every couple fancies a wedding that will leave their guests starry-eyed, not particularly for the glamour but also for its creativity. While the ceremony itself is just one part of the entire occasion, it all begins with a wedding invitation. Wedding invitations, for most of us, are hardbound invitation cards. Sure, you can choose from several colors, themes, patterns, and designs, but it’s a hassle to get them printed and distributed. Considering the online presence and short attention spans of your guests, a different take on invitations can leave a lasting impression on them. Here, we have curated a list of caricature wedding invitations that are quirky enough for millennial couples and readily available at the click of a button. Let’s begin!

Caricature Wedding Invitation E-cards

If you’re looking to jazz up your wedding invitation with something unique and creative, caricature invitation cards are your go-to option. Gone are the days when invitation cards were bland, monotonous, and downright dull. Caricature invitation cards have a fresh appeal to them as they manage to put a smile on your invitees’ faces. The point is to present the lighter aspect of weddings and make the readers chuckle.

For those who don’t know, a caricature is a funny cartoon version of yourself with exaggerated features. Card designers today are so creative that they can render your caricatures in their signature style. It can be in the form of a particular theme, your favorite movie, a destination, or even an inside joke. 

Paperless post- Planning a destination wedding includes many international itineraries, but with a Paperless post, you can make easy work of this online. 

Seemyarriage- Create funny caricatures and cartoons of yourself using online photos. This is ideal for caricature e-invites. 

Weddingwishlist: If you like a hands-on approach to your e-card, you can design it yourself! Choose from a range of customized templates that you can edit and share via Whatsapp, mail, or social media.

Invitation With A Video Animation

If you’ve decided to go the digital route for your wedding invitation, why not go the extra mile and send them an engaging animation of your story? Digital video invitations are a popular choice among millennial couples. Video animations can bring a personal touch to invitations. These videos typically come in an mp4 format, making it ideal for uploading and sharing it on Youtube or your social media handles. All you have to do is share your story with the animation experts, and they take care of everything right from the storyboard to the background music. 

An ideal caricature wedding invitation should be short and crisp, with a maximum of 0.50 or 1:15 minutes, so that your guests don’t get bored while watching it. The best thing about an animation invite is that they are smartphone-friendly.  You can send it to your friends and family on Whatsapp and other instant messaging services.

VideoCreek – If you’re on a tight budget, Smilebox is a fantastic slideshow maker that lets you compile and present your pictures without any special editing skills. 

Caricature Animated Wedding Invitation

So, we’re back to caricatures and fun! Bring back those cheerful memories of how you met your partner and share it with your invitees- but with a twist. With personalized hand-drawn caricatures, you can add as many family members you want to your animated story. To make the video more appealing, you can select the background music and script of your own choice. 

Like cartoon animated wedding invites, you can get the caricature invites in a range of different formats. Keeping in mind the bandwidth availability of all your guests. The file size can also be compressed to optimize uploading and sharing on Youtube or social media platforms. Here are some popular types of caricature video invitations:

  • The couple announcing the date and venue of their wedding and request all the invitees to attend it 
  • If you’ve planned out an elaborate destination wedding, you can announce it through funny caricatures and animations. The creators can feature the couple in a skit with a photography backdrop of the destination landscape.

Seemymarriage- customize your invitation videos with unique themes, comic style, funky and funny caricatures. Create animated videos that tell your story through authentic caricatures. 

Theme-Based Caricature Wedding Invitations

Theme-based weddings have gained massive popularity over the past decade. However, while looking to zero down on one, couples often get swamped by a barrage of wedding invitation ideas. To save yourself from picking up an unoriginal idea, your safest bet is a theme-based caricature wedding invitation. This invitation can be in the form of a sleek e-card or a funny animation video. Both options can aptly capture the essence of your wedding theme. Here are a few themes to pick from:

  • Vintage- Throwback to the days of tuxedos, monocles, and pocket watches. A vintage theme can teleport your guests to the good old days. 
  • Nautical- If yours is a waterfront venue, a nautical theme can lift everyone’s spirits. Sailor hats, lifebuoys, and anchors make the right elements for a trendy invitation. 
  • Destination- Send your guests an invitation that looks like a flight ticket or a post. 
  • Art deco- This is a niche take on the classic wedding invitation. Muted champagne colours, retro lines, and fonts make the perfect invite.
  • Garden- One of the most popular themes, a garden setup, calls for an invite that reflects the appeal of flowers and grassy expanses. 

VideoCreek – This is a free invitation maker that lets you convey the happiness of your big day through catchy animations based on the theme of your wedding.


As you might have noticed, wedding invitations don’t have to be traditional or on paper to grab anyone’s attention. Caricature wedding invites are especially novel because they show a lighter side of you. These invitations can be in the form of an e-card or a short video clip. After all, a well-thought caricature wedding invitation is bound to stay with your invitees long after the wedding is over.