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How to Make Bootstrap Website Without Coding For Free?


There are many tools available online that help you to make the bootstrap website. But some are paid tools and few are hard to understand. Today we are going to discuss the Bootstrap Builder, it is a free online tool that provides ready-made templates where you can add/edit/delete components and can get your website code absolutely free.

All you have to do is

1. Sign Up
2. Select Template
3. Start Editing in various ways
4. Download Code

We are going to show each and everything step by step.

STEP 1: Sign Up

Head over to and click on Login/Signup and register yourself as a user. Now move on to the dashboard.

STEP 2: Select New Project

From the dashboard click on the ‘New Project’.You can see your all projects on the dashboard.

STEP 3: Select the Template

There are dozens of template available and you can choose one of them for your next bootstrap website. I will choose the first one named ‘Stanly’.

STEP 4: Name Your Template

Let’s rename this template as test1 and move on to the next step

STEP 5: Edit the Template

In the editing panel, we have a lot of options on how to edit this template. Like you can edit by clicking on any component. Let’s try changing its name.

STEP 5.1: Edit Through Components Panel

We can also edit it through components panel, search for the required component and change it according to your needs.

STEP 5.2: Edit Through Code Editor

It also provides a multi-theme IDE for the people who love working in the editor. You can choose any theme and start editing in the IDE and can see live editing on the go!

STEP 6: Explore Other Options

The best features of this site are free and available to everyone.
1. Preview Your Website
2. Download Code of Your website
3. Publish Your Website
4. Check Responsiveness of Your Website on Different Devices
5. Save the Code (Although you can enable autosave option from panel)

It’s one of the best tool available online whose salient features are as follow:

  • Make Bootstrap Websites for Free.
  • No Ads.
  • No Coding Required.
  • Unlimited Templates.
  • Get Code for Free.
  • Live Editing


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