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How To Partner With The Right Digital Marketing Agency


Typically, when a company owner engages a digital marketing agency it is for one of three reasons:

  • They want to see the company grow
  • They need a better web presence, and the necessary tools are missing
  • They need a professional SEO service to fix any mistakes made by the previous SEO agency

This final reason is the most important one because, indeed, it is quite common.

Right now, hundreds of companies, are selecting the wrong online marketing agency, and are picking up the web presence that is damaged.

The hiring of a digital marketing agency has several benefits. But, regardless of whether you just start digital marketing or want a new digital marketing agency because yours doesn’t deliver, there are mistakes that are worth avoiding:

  1. Falling for the amazing packaging
  2. Falling to offers that seem too perfect to be true
  3. Selecting a cheap digital marketing agency
  4. Selecting an agency just because they are locally based
  5. Not doing your basic research

When you ditch these five mistakes and choose a reputable SEO service, I bet, you’ll have a much better experience – and much better results.

I remember one specific business owner who reached out to me.

She mentioned this…

Our Boston rankings suck and the marketing company we signed a contract to work with is obviously incompetent.


This is not a unique story, and often I hear it.

Either ways, here’s her feedback…

Jimmy solved several issues we’ve struggled with for a long time. He gets the job done.


While hiring a digital marketing agency, avoid these mistakes

Normally, when companies choose their digital marketing agency, companies with such problems make one of the following mistakes.

Mistake 1: Falling for shiny SEO presentations

It’s a major one and one for which you can easily fall. You should not have tried to judge a book by its cover in primary school, so dig up your skills and slip on your critical thinking hat.

The theory is, if you have these wonderful high-tech advertising pitches from a digital marketing agency, you will get the same for your clients. That’s rarely the case.

SEO companies who spend a lot of money on their own marketing pitches invest typically less time and effort on their real customers.

Think about this – every enterprise has limited resources, so it reveals enough about its goals how it allocates its budget.

How many of their staff work with client services compared to sales outreach?

For example, here at Simplify Digital Growth, I myself perform a complimentary audit for the client. We devote most of our time to clients’ services.

In short, we don’t have a dedicated sales team closing deals for us.

This helps us to build better rapport with clients who requires the complimentary assessment of their visibility online, and also by eliminating multiple points of contact for them.

If I were you, instead of the army of salesmen, I would choose an agency with an army of specialists.

It is now common to get blinded by shiny things. But when you see these brilliant marketing pitches, look deeper — what does the material say? Was it jargon-packed? Is it narrow? Is it minimal? Were you lured into a poor decision?

Mistake 2: Falling to offers that seem too perfect to be true

If you find a digital marketing agency that brags about “secret tactics” or “special formulas” run.

Don’t jog, don’t walk, sprint as fast and far away as you can from them.

The reason being, there’s no “secret tactics” or “special formulas” when it comes to SEO because standard processes are very well documented.

The only difference between running a successful and a flopped campaign is the strategic planning and the approach of execution.

In online marketing, if it seems too good to be true, it always is.

Don’t be sold on empty promises — look for an SEO company with proven records of results that matter most for their clients.

Mistake 3: Selecting a cheap digital marketing agency

You get what you pay for with digital marketing. Period.

The majority of low-cost SEO services use black-hat technology such as pay links, cheap content and keyword-stuffed optimizations.

Google algorithms have realized many of these black hat SEO tactics and you are more likely to be penalized than succeed online.

If you are in love with a digital marketing agency but can’t afford the cost, please ask if they will provide consultation.

In that way, you could at least get the hands-on expert advice from them.

Mistake 4: Selecting an agency just because they are locally based

A local digital marketing agency is not important for you. Whatever someone suggests, a successful SEO company should be able to dominate the local market, wherever it is.

The good thing about the Internet is that it can be accessed from almost anywhere, so you are not limited to local SEOs.

It is true that there is no such thing as face-to-face contact, but we give priority to video conferences and also fly to meet our customers. Find an SEO company that takes adequate time to fulfill your company.

With that being said, do not contract an SEO marketing agency if your customers are not in that market.

There are numerous ways you can buy cheap digital marketing services like click farms and SEO agencies overseas, which will hurt your brand rather than help.

Although it’s a legit digital marketing agency, there are too many cultural differences to make the language and tone authentic.

Mistake 5: Not doing your basic research

It is not an effective way to just google search “best SEO marketing agency in [city]” and select the one at the top to partner for your marketing needs. Therefore, it’s important to do your own research.

Take a look at their case studies, read their blog, read their online reviews, talk to their clients.

Does their language sound like yours? Does the previous track records match what you need? Do their clients remind you of your company?

Look, all these are your end of the research and you should be able to better judge these.

The last thing you want is to hire an SEO marketing agency and then part ways after a year.

It’s not a nice situation to be in, because it will harm your brand’s online presence, and will also time away from running your business.

Reasons To Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

So finally you’ve decided to use online tools to grow your business, right?

But maybe you need help in areas which you are aware of but can’t do it all by yourself.

Keep reading as I’ve put together a few reasons why your company needs to hire a digital marketing agency.

  1. Focus on running your business
  2. Reduce overall costs
  3. Work with experts
  4. Be relevant to your industry
  5. Get new opportunity ideas
  6. Scale and grow your business services
  7. They offer results which are measurable
  8. They have the tools to do it for you
  9. You get professionalism for your content distribution
  10. Enjoy the power of story-telling

Continue reading the article to learn more about a few reasons why not to hire a digital marketing agency.

Reasons Not to Hire a Digital Marketing Agency

Hiring a digital marketing agency is not for everyone. Collaborating with an agency is like a relationship, similar to romance.

If you are serious about reaching out or handing over your digital marketing needs to an agency, you will need to think about how to mitigate the red flags within your organization.

This is because the agency will evaluate you based on how serious you are about your own online marketing needs.

Hence you will need to identify the ways you want to grow before partnering with an agency team.

Keep reading to know more about the criteria to evaluate your own company first.

  1. Your business website hasn’t been updated in years
  2. Your internal team don’t get modern day marketing
  3. You don’t have time to pay attention
  4. You only want to dictate your point of view to order takers
  5. You don’t want to create relevant content
  6. You don’t have a budget for paid search, social media, and video ads
  7. You think marketing online is expensive

We at Simplify Digital Growth offer an initial complimentary audit on how your company can grow online.

Why Should You Hire a Digital Marketing Agency?

Well, a good digital marketing agency should be able to offer you these basic services.

  • Designing and developing your business website
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  • Online branding

The digital marketing agency will do all the heavy weight lifting for all the services mentioned above.

All you and your internal staff needs to do is to convert the leads generated into your customers.

But how?

By concentrating on how you could improve your product offerings and services. You could leave the agency to worry about the promotion and branding digitally.

As mentioned earlier they have the right tools and experts to get these done for you.

So, rolling to the main question which is “Why should you hire a digital marketing agency?”

Well, here are a few benefits of hiring a good digital marketing agency.

  • They help you achieve your goals
  • Outsourcing digital marketing tasks saves time
  • Website design and technical maintenance
  • All your marketing efforts in one place
  • Helps your company build a better brand
  • Improve SEO ten times
  • You can get new ideas


Well, the above has covered all the various things like what mistakes to avoid, reasons to hire or not partner with an agency. Also, I have covered for you the benefits of hiring a good online marketing agency.

So, instead of marketing all on your own, hire a professional team by outsourcing your online efforts to generate excellent outcomes.

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