How To Research And Find Someone Online


Finding someone online is becoming much easier with the growth of the internet and technology. Simply type their name into Google or other search engines, browse a few links, and there is information about the person. You can search on popular social networking sites, Google, and other people search engines to find someone. Maybe you know their email address and you need more information than what Google provides. What search tool should you utilize? 

What To Use To Get The Best Search Results

With many new sites and sources on the internet, information is being uploaded and updated daily. Searching for people is becoming much easier and finding family members, date of birth, and other information is a simple search box away. Have you ever searched your name or tried finding someone online? Use these tips below to find people online and locate information about them.


Google is a great place to start and can be extremely helpful to find many public records. Google is probably the first search engine that comes to mind when searching for anything. The search engine can provide information like social media pages, addresses, and phone numbers. However, they may not be of the correct person you are searching for or outdated. 

People Search Engines

These sites are excellent to confirm information you may have or locate a long-lost friend or relative. If you want to reconnect with your friend John Smith from High School, this would be a perfect place to obtain information. You can recover information like the person’s address, criminal records, email addresses, physical address, and other public records. Kiwi Searches and other online people search engines have helped people date safer and find out information about anyone. 

Genealogy Sites

Genealogy websites are useful when locating older family members or tracing your family history outside of your immediate family. We are seeing more people looking to trace their family tree back as far back as possible. You may think of sites like or, but there are many other sites to obtain your family history. 

Social Media

We have seen the growth of social media explode amongst the younger generation and now almost everyone has a social media account. All it takes is to know the person’s first and last name and you can find their Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, and other social networking profiles. You may be able to find answers by browsing their social media profiles. 

Reverse Image Search

Search boxes are becoming more advanced and you can now search not just text, but images as well. This will work well for searching anyone or finding out more information about someone you know. Whether it may be your neighbor or someone you work with, all you need to do is post the image you have in the search bar and let Google do the rest.


If you are looking for older family members that have passed away, start with obituary searches. With many obituaries being uploaded on the internet, you can find photos, stories, pictures, comments from friends and family, and learn more about them. This is their long-lasting tribute on the internet that will be there forever. You may be able to learn more about your family and even leave your own comment or picture.

Why Search Someone Online?

There are many reasons to search for someone online and it is important to know where to start. Whether you are looking to find information about family, friends, old relatives, or coworkers, the internet is there to help. Information is continuously being updated and uploaded to the internet and it can be extremely helpful when used correctly. With the growth of online dating and technology, we have seen more people search for information online today than ever before. Don’t be left wondering with unanswered questions about that neighbor or friend from school. Utilize these tools to help get your answers today. 

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