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How To Use AI to Help Keep Your Financial Data Safe

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The rise in remote work has lead to an increase in the amount of sensitive data that is being leaked to third parties. Read on to discover the ways to protect sensitive financial data that use artificial intelligence. 

How AI Safeguards Financial Data

Companies should provide multiple approaches to reducing cybersecurity threats. Firstly, training employees on ways to spot a phishing email or password best practices can decrease the number of threats. Unfortunately, human error is a popular way for sensitive data to accidentally leak. With the rise in remote work, it’s recommended that organizations educate employees on common threats as well as develop standards when working.A great first step could be to speak to an AI consultantand set your strategy in the right direction.

Along with reducing common vulnerabilities and educating employees, companies should invest in AI technologies that supplement typical cybersecurity systems. AI is a great tool because it embraces machine learning, which can recognize threats over time. AI can also run at all hours, leaving business data protected from attacks, even when employees are not at work. AI systems use predictive analytics to make smart decisions quickly. For example, AI software can recognize suspicious emails using an algorithmic. These emails are then diverted from an employee’s inbox. The AI addition takes the pressure off employees to search for suspicious emails. 

Predictive capabilities can also target suspicious user traffic until access controls can be verified. These capabilities take control away from cybercriminals and give it back to an organization’s hands. AI can quickly identify and eliminate hazardous situations all while safeguarding personally identifiable information. With the rise in remote work, comes a rise in cybercrime. If the security systems you use can’t keep up with the landscape of remote work, it’s vital to choose new security solutions that can protect your sensitive data. Make sure to check out the resource below for more information on using AI to keep your data safe. 

Infographic created by Donnelley Financial Solutions, a virtual data room provider