Keys To Selling Your House Virtually


The coronavirus crisis has had a dramatic impact on all of us: schools, places of work and leisure, even the way we shop, has changed in the last few months. Some of these changes look set to stick around, even after the pandemic is under control. For example, many people who previously avoided shopping online have – having been forced into trying it – been converted and will not go back to their old routine of pushing a large trolley around the store in person. House selling is also changing and, like grocery shopping, has already benefitted from having an online presence.

Selling Houses Online

Many estate agents offer an online service as well as the traditional, in-person house sale or leasing services. As with many online products, these allow canny buyers to explore properties in their own time, refining searches according to their own specific criteria. Sellers, too can be more hands-on with the process, and ensure that their for-sale property is displayed to its very best advantage. Much of the process to sell house online, from choosing a home from the many on offer, browsing all the relevant information – which can include photographs inside and out, listings of amenities and schools nearby, transport and traffic links, and even more informal information from other residents about what it is like to live in that neighborhood.

How Does It Work?

Planning to sell your family house virtually is exactly like wanting to sell the house traditionally, just without the many visits to your house by strangers – some of whom will just be looking to pass the time, not because they have any serious intent to buy.

Instead of permanently having your interiors dressed up like a show-home, with no clutter and only perfectly harmonious homewares on display, cool color schemes and the gentle scent of chocolate chip cookies fresh from the oven (proven to enhance the saleability of a house by a noticeable degree!) you will only need to deep clean and tidy up once. Ensure that any little flaws are taken care of, such as touching up faded paintwork, washing the walls or doors if necessary, and all those little touches that tend to fade into the foreground in familiar places, but that might make a room look unkempt or unsightly. Once you are sure that the building, inside and out, looks as good as it possibly can, pay to have high-quality photographs taken of each room – if you can, of multiple views of each room – and of the outside. Do include a view of the curb-side, if it is attractive. If photographs seem a little dull, you could hire a videographer to walk through the house, taking visitors on a virtual tour – but sometimes photographs might be better, as the viewers can linger as long as they like on their favorite photographs. For a genuine sense of the home, perhaps you could do both?

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Ensure your listing is as full and detailed as possible: think about absolutely everything that you wanted to know when you moved in, and all the little secret things that you found out later: the shortcut to the corner shop, the small park where you can sit in leafy tranquility despite being meters from the main road, the gorgeous cycling and walking track that you discovered. These small touches can sometimes be the difference between a ‘maybe’ and a ‘definitely’ in a buyer’s mind and in all house sales, you want to give your property the best chance of being chosen.

Once your listing is complete (and often, the estate agent will help you with the whole process) it is uploaded, where it is ready and waiting when a prospective buyer, mortgage agreement closely to hand or perhaps your home will attract cash buyers for houses, looking for a good investment for their recent inheritance or windfall, comes along, looking for a place in your neighborhood.

What are the Benefits

There are many benefits to conducting a property sale using online estate agents. Let us take a look at a few of them.

A quick internet search for sell family homes will bring up thousands of listings. What is significant about these housing offerings is that they are there all the time. This means that your property is available for viewing twenty-four hours a day: there is no need for the estate agents office to be open, or for a person to point out the property to the eager cash buyers for houses, looking to find their perfect haven. This high visibility is excellent and gives the property its best chance of being spotted and snapped up for a good price.

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Reduced fees paid to an estate agency is another advantage. Because the vendor does so much of the work, and the listing is ‘always on’, the agency must do less work for each property sale: so they can afford to slash their fees! This does not mean your house will not receive all the care and attention that is needed when a sale is going through it simply means that the earliest steps in the process take care of themselves, so to speak.

If you want to go a little further, you can invest a bit of money into the ad, and pay for a premium listing. This ensures that your property has even better visibility and increases the prospect of your moving house in the very future, vacating it to make room for the new owner and going off to your own, perfect new property!

Sell Family Home Virtually

The housing market is generally volatile, but online property listings are an excellent way to keep them on an even keel, shifting houses between eager sellers and buyers, without being affected by crises such as the current viral issue plaguing the world. Moving house is always hard: packing up your familiar homewares and artworks, signing up to a lengthy mortgage, those first few nights sleeping in a building that does not yet feel welcoming, and all the associated mess and expense that goes along with a house move – and yet it is almost always worth it. Let online listings and viewings take the strain of your house sale: you will be surprised at how seamless it can be!