Magento Code Audit

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The code acts as the technical basis of the website. Many indicators of a web resource will depend on its quality, such as protection from intruders, stability, and speed. In this regard, it becomes clear that good code is a key element for any website. The fact is that even well-thought-out navigation or modern design will not be able to lead a website to successful sales if it takes too long to load, is attacked by hackers, or regularly fails.

The importance of code auditing becomes apparent, especially if your e-commerce store is powered by the Magento platform. More details on the site A well-executed code audit will reveal the most vulnerable spots and indicate a number of potential problems.

When And Why You Need To Audit Magento Code

If you notice that the website has low performance or there are technical problems, then you need to use Magento’s code audit services as soon as possible.

In addition, Magento code audit service is required in the following cases:

  • too slow page loading speed;
  • malfunctioning updates;
  • any element of the theme is executed incorrectly;
  • certain functions of the online store are working strangely or incorrectly;
  • checking for vulnerabilities on the website;
  • regular failures were noticed (especially during peak traffic).

The Magento code audit validation procedure is extremely important in order to perform a real assessment of the installation of a security patch. This service will create a positive shopping experience for all clients of your web resource. 

Benefits of Auditing Magento Code

Using the professional services of Magento code audit, you can identify with high accuracy not only existing code vulnerabilities but also detect existing errors. The advantage is that the audit process is carried out without interfering with the code itself. After completing the verification procedure, technicians will be able to prepare a report for you and provide you with a series of effective recommendations that will improve the quality of your code. As a result of the performed manipulations, the likelihood of new problems in the code will be minimized.

Engaging professional Magento code analysts will allow you to study all the features of your resource and detect existing vulnerabilities, both in the main code and in custom codes, SEO elements, security protocols, and third-party extensions. As a result, your online store will be able to demonstrate stable, fast, and reliable performance in the future.

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