5 Tips for Naming Your New Business


Starting a business is an exciting time of life, but it comes with a lot to consider. Along with the product or service you’ll offer, you have to think about the financial minutiae, legal ramifications, and marketing strategies to keep your company moving upward.

Choosing the right name for your business is crucial to this process. Use these tips to create the best name for your company to succeed.

1. Play With It

True, your name is significant in your company’s success. However, if you stress out too much about choosing the perfect name, you’ll spend too much time on it and wind up delaying your progress.

If you can’t come up with anything right away, try a free business name generator like Namify that uses various factors to determine appropriate names available for use. Generate as many as you need to, whether it’s six or 60, and narrow down your choices with these other factors.

2. Be Specific

The more details you can add to your business name, the more likely it will attract your customers. Obviously, don’t reveal trade secrets or include everything about your company in a brand name, but pick out something that stands out about your product and work it in if you can.

Keywords are a fantastic way to incorporate specifics into your business name, as well as draw the right customers to your website or social media page.

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3. Connect to Your Company

Clarity is your best friend for marketing purposes. If people aren’t sure what you sell or offer, they’re less likely to seek you out. “Sarah’s Silky Lotions” may bring you more traffic than “Sarah’s Divine Solutions,” and either name would draw a very different audience.

However, don’t lock yourself into one product if you’re planning to branch out in the future. If Sarah wants to eventually add bath bombs, exfoliators, face scrubs, and other similar products, she shouldn’t limit her name to lotions alone.

4. Look Out for Lookalikes

The last thing you want is to have customers confuse your company with another one — you’ll wind up losing sales to competitors or traffic to people who don’t even work in the same field.

If you use Namify, you can trust the names you generate every time to be original. The algorithms search for word combos available across social media and website domains, so you know you won’t have customers getting mixed up with other companies.

5. Test It Out

If you’re already building a social media presence — which you should — you can ask for opinions from your followers. Say potential names out loud to see how they sound. Get a feel for the reactions before you make a final decision.

The reasoning here is simple. You don’t want to choose a name that sounds clunky out loud, is hard to pronounce, or doesn’t convey your business accurately. You’ll only confuse your potential customers and possibly send them in the wrong direction.

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Armed with these tips and your trusty name generator, you’re ready to go forth and pick the perfect name for your company.

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