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How Can Parents Protect Their Kids from the Social Media Security Threats?

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Jacob, a ten-year-old kid, seems stressed for a few days. He stopped talking much, preferred to stay in a room, and started eating less. When his parents tried to ask him the reason they were unsuccessful to find out the reason. That’s when they installed a Facebook tracking app on Jacob’s phone and found that he was being bullied by a stranger on Facebook. 

In this technology-driven world everyone is using social media sites and kids are no exception. Where social media, on one hand, has its advantages like enhancing skills, staying connected and sharing opinions, on the other hand, its disadvantages surpasses them. Kids are prone to the negative effects of social media like cyberbullying, consumption of harmful content, and phishing attacks. 

  • What are the negative effects of social media? 
  • How can I save my child from the social media dangers?

In a survey among 6000 kids of age between 10-18 50% of them agreed that they have faced cyberbullying. In another case, 29,600 reports were filed against sexual predators. Parents often worry about their kids’ safety from the dangers of social media. Parental control software allows parents to monitor their kids’ social media activity to prevent them from its harmful effects. 

How You Can Protect Your Child From Dangers Of Social Media?

Social media sites have become an inseparable part of our lives and in this case, stopping kids from using social media is not an option, hence, the following ways can be practiced to protect your child from the dangers of social media: 

Educate Your Child about Using Social Media:

With the growing risks of social media security, it is important to have an open dialogue with kids to explain to them the threats of social media. Making kids aware of the harmful effects makes them responsible and aware which will eventually prevent them from phishing attacks and identity thefts to a larger extent. 

Keep An Eye On Child’s Social Media Activities:

Children are prone to share too much information on social media. This can lead to instances of identity theft and misuse of information. Parents should monitor their child’s social media activity to keep them safe from its dangers. Parental control software like TiSPY helps parents to monitor the social media activity of their children and brings all the information to their dashboard. It makes monitoring for parents a convenient process. 

Regularly Check Your Child’s Privacy Settings:

While social media apps have privacy settings, some of them keep the profile public by default. Parents should keep an eye on the privacy settings like location settings and profile privacy. This will prevent the information shared by their kids on social media from getting misused. Apps for parents to monitor the social media activity of their kids provide features to check the profile settings as well. 

Track Negative Social Media Chats:

To stay connected social media apps have chat and messaging features. Cyber bullies and predators have this as their easiest way to attack the kids.  As parents, you should keep a track of the type of conversations your kid is involved in and if in any way it could be harmful to them. Chat message trackers in these cases may come in handy for parents. It allows parents to access their kids’ chats and keep a check on them. 

Watch On Media Sharing Activities: 

Kids at their gullible age are prone to share many media like images, videos, and real-time locations. If not supervised, this information can be misused by the evil elements on social media. Parental control software allows parents to supervise the media-sharing activities of kids. 

Listen To Social Media Call Recordings: 

Social media apps like WhatsApp also have an in-built call recording feature. Scammers and predators might call and try to persuade the kids. These call recordings can be monitored by parents using WhatsApp parental control app to prevent kids from sharing personal information on the calls.

Set Guidelines For Social Media Usage:

Parents should also set guidelines for social media activity for the kids. The information they share online, people they should interact with, and content they should consume should be made clear to the kids. The guidelines that are being followed or not can be monitored by parents by using parental control software. 

How Can Social Media Tracker Protect Your Child? 

Allow Giving Clear Social Media Activities:

When parents monitor the social media activity of their kids using a social media tracker like TiSPY, it brings all the information to the parent’s dashboard and makes it convenient for parents to keep a check upon them. It also helps parents to restrict the harmful social media apps for kids’ usage and allow only comparatively safe ones to use. 

View All Chats and Conversations: 

Using a social media activity screen time tracker allows parents to look into the chats and conversations their child is involved in. It helps them to check if the child is not into any type of negative conversation. In the cases of cyber bullies and phishing attacks, this feature can save the child from falling prey to any of the evil elements of social media. 

Can Track All The Shared Images:

Kids share a lot of media while chatting and in general on social media sites. On the other hand, they might also receive inappropriate content through social media. This all can be checked on by social media tracker which allows parents to track the images shared by their kids on social media. 

Provide Details Of A Person Your Child Is Interacting With:

In cases of online frauds and scams monitoring apps can be used to search the details of the person involved. Online predators and cyber bullies can also be checked upon with this feature of social media monitoring apps. 

Detect False Content In Social Media:

Social media is an unsupervised world. There is no checking on the content shared on it. Social media tracking apps can detect false content on social media and alert the parents if their kid is consuming harmful content.


In the present times, not using social media is near to impossible. But this also increases the risk for kids falling prey to the danger of social media. Parents have to take different measures to keep their kids safe from the dangers. Parental control software makes the task much easier for parents and helps them monitor kids’ social media activity to prevent them from its harmful

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