Quick Tricks to Boost Your Amazon Sales


With Amazon continuing to be one of the most popular ways to sell online – be that Business to Consumer (B2C) or Business to Business (B2B), businesses that fail to take full advantage of Amazon’s online dominance as a sales channel are missing out big time.

If you’re not yet on Amazon, or already selling some products, then the term Amazon Sales Rank might sound familiar. Sales Rank is an important factor in Amazon’s ranking algorithm, and we’ve collected below a number of strategies below to help you influence it – and as a result, sell more than the competition.

Why pay attention to Amazon Sales Rank? 

Each product listed on Amazon has a Sales Rank from number one upwards in its product subcategory. The lower this number, the better your product ranking, with number one indicating that your product is the best seller. Each Amazon Product listing’s Sales Rank can be found in the Additional Information section. As long as a product has at least one sale, it will have a sales rank. When you take a look you might see rapid changes as Sales Rank is updated every hour. On top of this than this, understanding how to interpret your Sales Rank, and influence it with some simple strategies can better your Amazon optimisation and product visibility – dramatically.

Kick start your Amazon Pay Per Click (PCC)

Sponsored Products or Brand Ads can enhance both Sales Rank and organic ranking by jumping ahead of other organic listings, generating sales quickly regardless of other factors. Additionally, increasing PPC in the short term will allow you to garner positive reviews over a very short period. Amazon Agencies exist to help get you set up and make PPC profitable. 

Gain new, positive reviews

The more positive reviews your product has, the greater chance of a higher rank. Using the “Request a Review” button in Amazon’s sellers’ tools as a standard will help to achieve this – but if your customers are slow to respond or hesitant to leave a review, then Amazon does offer the exclusive Vine programme which sources reviews from genuine and trusted individuals in exchange for free product.

Rank for new product keywords

Choosing relevant product keywords when you first embark on listing your products on Amazon is time-consuming – but the task doesn’t stop there. Constantly reviewing your keyword choices doesn’t have to be difficult. Sales Rank information actually makes it easy, as you can just take a look at the products with a better Sales Rank score in your category – and copy their keywords! A reverse ASIN tool can even automate a part of this process. Once you’re using (and ranking for) the same keywords as the competitors, you’ll quickly see that you’ll start to take their sales.

Utilize available tools

Make the most out of the available tools to test new product ideas. For instance, if you are dealing in custom merchandise, a t shirt mockup generator lets you quickly check whether a design would look good or not. The freedom to test is valuable as you do not have to commit to spending money on resources to get the end product.

Customer focused content

Sales Rank (and as a result, rankings) are influenced by conversion rates on your product pages. Amazon knows that the products that convert best have high-quality images, multimedia, and expertly written copy using selected keywords – all with a focus on making the customer’s purchasing decision more easy. Consumers are shrewd, and it’s easy to break their trust in your brand. Lack of detail, poorly written sentences and grainy stock imagery will cause them to buy from elsewhere instead.