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Trends That Are Revolutionizing Digital Marketing In 2020


2020 is an exciting year for digital marketers. As the industry is witnessing the arrival of multiple groundbreaking innovations that regard as overly ambitious. Artificial intelligence, voice search engine optimization, and data-centered advertising are some of the highlights on the digital marketing trend radar.

Consumer preferences and buying behaviors are getting extremely challenging to predict. That is why businesses and marketers must adopt fast-paced digital marketing tools and innovate their processes. Here, we will familiarize you with some of the most effective digital marketing trends to adopt in 2020.

Below let’s take a look, shall we?


In 2020, the consumers have spoken in favor of personalized marketing campaigns, which means offering products, emails, and content that consumers seek. Customized products have emerged as a dynamic marketing tool to boost brand loyalty as modern-day consumers adore receiving free samples, product giveaways, personalized marketing stationery, and other products.

A poll conducted by Marketo, Inc. revealed that 80% of the consumers are more likely to engage with brands that offer personalized consumer experiences. 90% of the consumers find personalization attraction, while customized emails that provide value to the consumer are much more effort than generic emails. The power of personalization is hard to ignore.

Modern-day consumers seek visually immersive and sophisticated mediums to gain information, such as flipbooks, videos, and slideshows. Businesses need to focus on personalizing this aspect of delivering information and promotional activities. Flipbooks are one of the most immersive and practical formats to present information to your target audience. So, if you don’t know how to make a flipbook, it’s time to start learning. 


Artificial intelligence has been all over the place for a considerable amount of time; however, 2020 is the year when it will soar proper heights of dominance. AI-based solutions and consumer service experiences have emerged as the most innovative trend adopted by businesses worldwide and enterprises that seek to step into the future.

Artificial Intelligence is gradually taking over a wide range of menial and small tasks. For instance, Artificial Intelligence-based tools increasingly derive consumer data from social media and online search patterns and analyze consumer buying behavior and preferences. AI is primarily being used by digital marketers to understand how consumers identify the products and services they seek.

This year, we will witness artificial intelligence emerge as a dynamic tool for a wide range of services, including handling communication, assisting with buying decisions and product recommendations, creating content, email marketing, E-commerce, and more.


Video marketing has been dominating the trend radar for over two years now. And this trend is likely to dominate the online landscape for another decade or so. Immersive videos have become more critical for an effective marketing campaign in 2020. A recent study reveals that videos boost conversion rates, while 52% believe that product videos help them make efficient online buying decisions.

Videos have emerged as the most popular advertising medium to introduce new products and encourage consumers to invest in a product. YouTube is not the only platform to boost audience engagement with video marketing campaigns. Videos are an essential part of your entire marketing mix, including your social media platforms and your website. You can create video posts or even engage the audience with a live broadcast on Facebook or Instagram. Videos can also boost the organic search results for your website as Google encourages pages that offer videos that attract users.


Modern-day consumer prefers conversational marketing techniques and tools that allow them to receive an instant response. They have queries, and they are hungry for answers. Hence, brands have no choice but to oblige. Conversational marketing is indeed the future of digital advertising practices.

Conversational marketing is real-time, one-to-one communication between consumers and marketers. Brands are giving up traditional campaigns and adapting to conversational strategies across multiple platforms and devices. It is because consumers are busy, and they expect to find what they seek without delay.

If there is a delay in replying on your part, the consumer will move onto your competitor. Therefore, it has become increasingly crucial for brands to make sure they are available to consumers across various platforms and channels.


Chatbots are an immensely important feature of digital marketing and communications in 2020. Powered by AI-based tools, chatbots can conduct real-time communication with your consumer audience and be available 24/7.

As mentioned above, modern-day consumers seek an immediate response, or else they’ll keep looking and end up doing business with your competitors. Statistics shared by Chatbots Magazine reveal that in 2020, 85% of the customer service tasks manage by chatbots. They offer 24-hour availability and immediate responses to consumer queries.

Chatbots can help global businesses save billions of dollars each year, and many consumers prefer engaging with chatbots who provide prompt and accurate responses. Virtual assistants and AI-powered chatbots programmed to recall the buying history and information of each consumer.


Influencer marketing has emerged as a much more effective alternative to word-of-mouth marketing, and it involves using famous social media figures to reach out to a large audience. Influencers can be celebrities, entertainers, and, most essentially, social media personalities with a large following on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube, amongst other social platforms. They help brands establish brand loyalty and promote new products or services across their audience. If you don’t have time to browse through a sea of influencers to find the ones that suit your brand the best, you can hire a service such as These influencer agencies take care of discovery, negotiation, payments, and strategy while you focus on setting the goals.

In 2020, influencer marketing has emerged as much more engaging and authentic than its marketing campaigns and advertising efforts. Surveys reveal that 63% of the consumers rely on the opinions and reviews of influencers while evaluating the merits of products and services. After coming across the reviews of an influencer, many of the consumers invested in a new product.


All businesses that seek to evolve and maintain their relevance and competitiveness in the online arena must be ready to undertake a wide range of innovations. Digital Darwinism has compelled all entrepreneurs and businesses to evolve with the new trends and address the evolving preferences of the modern-day consumer.