Selecting the Best Pressure Sensor


A pressure sensor is used to calculate the amount of deflection, movement in a particular area with a special gadget. Most trending pressure sensors make use of a kind of diaphragm that gives an alert to be processed depending on the quantity of deflection on the diaphragm. Furthermore, a diaphragm can be used to measure pressure by examining the changes in capacitance, which is caused by pressure instability and other factors.

There is a wide range of pressure sensors available in the market. Before buying, it is essential to consider the type of pressure range, signal, sensor, connection, and other conditions.

Types of Pressure Sensors

Just as mentioned earlier, there are different kinds of sensors that can measure pressure accordingly but display the result in a different method.

Pressure Transmitter

This device is used to calculate the same force that is applied. However, it provides the same process signal like 0-10V, 0.5-4.5V, 4-20mA, and so on, for representing the amount of pressure. The pressure transmitter has some similar functions as pressure transducer – continuous pressure calculation. But the difference is that it provides a visual display.

Pressure Switch

The pressure switch is used to measure the force that is applied and provides an electrical signal like 24 VDC or 110 VAC with other variations when some set of criteria are reached. These criteria can be determined beforehand or defined by the user. A pressure switch is used for the measurement of particular kinds of pressures.

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Pressure Transducer

This device measures the amount of force that is applied and shows an electrical signal, which is usually a very small voltage for representing the amount of pressure. A pressure transducer is majorly used for continuous measurement of pressure and does not provide any other type of display.

Pressure Gauge

This device measures the total amount of force being applied, without output, but display pressure results by visual representation. There are pressure gauges that make use of needles on the face of the dual to show pressure, though digital representation is also used.

Factors to Deliberate When on Choosing a Pressure Sensor

Based on the kind of application that is used, the appropriate pressure sensor can be chosen. For an accurate selection, the following factors should be considered.

What kind of sensor do you want?

Knowing the type of sensor you want to buy is the first step to take. Consider if you want the sensor to display output or not. The responses to these evaluations will lead you to target. In the case that you don’t need any output, then a pressure gauge would be preferable.

If you need an output, what kind of signal do you need, and how do you want it to display the signal?

This question has an obvious reply – only the user of the application can only decide it. Though it is almost required for the output to be specified even without the knowledge of the input machine which the sensor is attached to.


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