Top 12 Tennis Shoes (2019 Review & Guide)


Playing sports is an excellent form of exercise if you want to have a sound mind and body. Especially in the 21st century where everybody is busy swiping the touch screens of their phone with one hand and eating a bag of chips with the other. Indulging ourselves in sports activities such as cricket, football, basketball or even tennis helps in better circulation of blood within our body as well as improves our health significantly. Apart from making the body more flexible and transforming it physically playing best tennis shoes also has drastic effects on our personality and brain as well.

All kind of sports allows us to compete with our opponent, whether its badminton, tennis or even swimming. We tend to respond according to the moves our opponent makes, and this allows us to respond quicker than before and also promotes faster decision making. This improves our mental abilities and makes us sharper. Furthermore, playing sports also teaches us to work together as a team and improves our social skills as well.

The world has completely transformed itself, and we are more connected to each other than ever before. The world has become a global village, and this has also given rise to people picking up brand new sports to play and a large number of sports and increasingly gaining popularity. One of the sports that have become increasingly trendy to play is Best sports shoes

Tennis is a game that is extremely popular in the land of Kangaroos, that is, Australia. People usually enjoy to wear Best Adidas sports shoes playing this in doubles as well as singles. If you are playing a typical game of tennis with your friend, then you must know that the game of tennis requires quick movements, continually running back and forth and strategic gameplay. But let me ask you this that has it ever happened that you have come home from a good game and you take off whatever shoes you have worn and felt that your feet are sore? If the answer to my question is a yes then my friend you are wearing the wrong shoes.

As a trainee, in the game of tennis, you should know that tennis’s player’s feet are put under a lot of stress throughout the game. Your lower body requires a lot of strength to perfect your game, and the more dominant player you become, the more pressure your feet are put through. Therefore, it is incredibly essential to opt for the right tennis shoes. This article will provide you with the right tennis shoes for your feet; will explore its pros and cons as well as whether it is reliable or not.

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The most preferred Tennis shoe for men 

Wilson’s premium shoe line continues on the path of improvement as it introduces Wilson Men`s Rush Pro 2.5 Tennis Shoes. Even though they do not own as much market share as the renowned athletic brands that you commonly hear about; however, Wilson does not compromise on innovation and technology where its athletic shoes are concerned. These shoes are specifically designed in France and provide the user with a comfortable experience. 

An absolute game-changing tennis shoe equipped with semisweet technology. That provides its users with not only a comfortable experience but also with incredible speed, stability and much more. This tennis shoe comes in a variety of colours for men to choose from; this includes the color blue, red, white, and many more.

Its many other Pros Include:

  • Stability

One of the strongest features of Men’s Rush Pro 2.5 tennis shoes is that they provide an ample amount of cushioning required to your foot to keep it stress-free and allowing you to play your game smoothly. Furthermore, a considerable change has been made to the uppers. A rather softer material is used to design the uppers of the shoe to provide the user with comfort and ease. The shoes are known to provide cushioning to your foot as you feel connect to the ground and ensure your foot is blister-free.

  • Ventilation & Breathability

Playing tennis during summer times is no piece of cake. Extreme temperatures require you have shoes that are not only comfortable but also provide proper ventilation to your feet. This is where the Rush pro 2.5 comes in. These tennis shoes are constructed in such a way that they soak up the sweat within your feet and maintain a cooler temperature while you are wearing the shoes. The sock lining of the shoes promotes breathability and ventilation. Furthermore, the shoes are crafted wherein its focus is on your midfoot leaving out you ankle and heel. This allows you are ankle and heel to breathe at the same time provide you with firm footing.

  • Long-lasting 

These Men’s Rush Pro 2.5 tennis shoes are a blend of innovation and technology which make them highly durable, rigid, and long-lasting. Moreover, they also come with a warranty for about six months for the outsoles. These tennis shoes for men are by far the most durable shoes you are yet to find in the market. They provide you with an ample amount of support and cushioning even on rougher surfaces so that you can play with passion without having to worry about sore feet. 

A few Cons:

  • Difficult to put on

Although these shoes provide great support and cushioning to your feet, they may sometimes trouble you in putting on the shoe faster and taking it off. They may just not be exactly easy to wear shoes.

  • Do not soak a lot of heat 

These tennis shoes do soak up the sweat from your feet during hot summer days. However, if the temperature hits triple digits, the tennis shoes may no absorb a lot of heat from your feet as you may expect out of the tennis shoe. Moreover, the ventilation part of the shoe is something that can be improved by Wilson.


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