Ways to attract customers through PPC ads


Businesses are coming to realize that PPC marketing is one of the best options available to them if they want to promote their business on the internet. It offers comprehensive data regarding your campaign, allowing you to make positive adjustments within your overall strategy.

One of the most important aspects of your advertisement is the way it looks and sounds. A successful advertisement is not merely a combination of words. There is an entire strategy working behind it and the eventual success or failure of the entire campaign hinges on it.

Several professional ppc management services offer impeccable service to their clients. There are also a few elements that are essential for creating great ads. However, you must first understand which features are available in your PPC platform, and what would happen when a user clicks one of those ads.

In the article below, we will discuss a few ways of attracting customers through PPC ads for the benefit of the readers, and providing them with an idea regarding how to use this phenomenon to their advantage.

Getting Right to the Point

There is simply no reason for beating about the bush in your PPC ad. The briefer and to-the-point it is, the better.

The PPC ad should not contain unnecessary words, incomprehensible technical jargon, or anything else that will require too much thinking on the part of the user.

You should see the ad from the perspective of the user. Most of the time, they are seeking a concise and brief answer to their queries.

It is much better if you can make a quick and brief assessment of your keywords – what they are about, how they can benefit your target audience, and what kind of solution they will be able to provide. You also need to see if they will be effective or not. The point to be noted here is that AdWords has a limit of only three lines for text-based ads. The character count is given below:

  • The headline should contain twenty-five characters
  • The first description line should contain thirty-five characters
  • The second description line should contain no more than thirty-five characters
  • The limits stated above are stringent, which means that cramming just about everything in those lines is not an option. Knowing what features are available for developing good ads is extremely important.
  • If you want to dissipate additional information to your prospective customers or clients, you can make use of ad extensions. This information can be made available over and above the headline and description.
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Google ad extensions

You can free up some text area through ad extensions in your phone number area. It used to be a practice of the marketers to include their business phone numbers within the headlines or description.

Google did away with this issue recently. Now only phone numbers are allowed with the help of call extension 

Comprehensive Use of Keywords

It is advisable to use the keywords within the headline because it is the first thing that crosses the eyes of a prospective searcher. This serves as a center of interest.

Most of the time, a marketer would get away with using only the keyword itself as the headline. This happens most when it is focusing on a product or a specific service provision.

For example, if you are in the business of selling Leather Jackets, you can make the headline: American Leather Jackets. The headline must be short, precise, and to the point.

What Happens when the Keywords matches with a query?

When the keywords that you have used in your ad matches with any query posted by a prospective customer, it will be displayed in bold letters.

This would allow the user to see that a response to the keyword has been searched through the engine.

In some cases, you are not able to use an entire keyword in the headline because of the strict imposition of the word count limit. In all such cases, you can use the description lines to your advantage.

With each passing day, Google is getting smarter. It can record, note, and understand all the forms of a simple word. This means that if you use a word in your PPC ads key phrase but not as the actual keyword, it will still be displayed in bold letters when the search results are returned.

The URL display for your keywords is also very important. If you are selling American leather jackets, the display URL must show the same word to the users.

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There are comprehensive guidelines available for displaying URLs that allow the user to understand how they can get the most beneficial experience through this phenomenon.

This is only one of the benefits of using highly targeted keywords and driving traffic towards a specific landing page where your products and services are available, thus providing a highly satisfying experience to everyone.

Keep your promises

The last and the most important tip for attracting customers through PPC ads is to ensure that you always make good on your promises. The Quality Score is one aspect that shows users whether your landing page is good enough and whether the ad offers whatever is promised to the customers.

An example is that when the company claims in its PPC ad is that it is offering the lowest possible prices, but in reality, it is not offering the lowest prices for the product when compared to its competitors.

Rather than using the term ‘lowest prices,’ they can use ‘very low prices,’ giving them room for maneuvering.

Another example is that when the user is taken to a landing page that does not directly offer the product, they are looking for.

It would be best if you refrain from doing such things so that your quality score remains intact.

The Final Word

Many people would not opt for PPC marketing because of a widely-held belief that it costs much more than they can afford.

In reality, PPC marketing is not costly. But it is very technical. Moreover, the intricacies involved in a PPC campaign renders it extremely important. This way, you are not carried away at any time because then, you will have to spend much more money than you originally planned.

Creating great PPC ads takes expertise, skills, and experience. Most of all, the campaign manager needs to see the ad from the perspective of a prospective searcher.

Combined with previous experience and marketing skills, a highly beneficial PPC campaign can be developed and implemented that translates into higher profits and the establishment of a solid customer base.