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8 Effective Methods to Advertise Your Business


When you are working with a limited budget, shelling out a lot of money on running commercials or renting a billboard is not a real possibility.

It is frustrating when a budget dictates how you need to carry out a marketing campaign. And before you start making more money, you will be limited with your options.

Nevertheless, it should not be something to be upset about. Most brands start with very little budget and work their way up from there. If you are not sure how to advertise your business with limited funds, here are some great ideas to get you started.

Idea #1 – Use Google Ads

Google Ads are great if you are looking to save money. The idea behind pay-per-click marketing is that the funds you put in do not go to waste. You pay for a click on an ad, so the person seeing an ad will get redirected to the website.

At the same time, even if someone does not click on the ad, he or she still sees this and may decide to revisit the website. It is a great advertising method.

Clever Ads helps with free advertising for your products on Google. They offer a coupon that saves you the trouble and allows you to create a free campaign.Β 

Keep in mind that it will take a lot of testing before the campaign is optimized. Keyword research and tinkering with ad copy are inevitable. But as you can adjust them in real-time, it becomes much easier to try different variations and see which of them are the most effective.Β 

Idea #2 – Write Guest Posts on Blogs

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Writing guest posts on authority blogs will improve SEO rankings since you will be receiving a link from an authority website. On top of that, getting published in a big website will help to establish you as an authority.

Plenty of blogs are always looking for original content, so if you have a talent for writing or there is a person on your team who can create well-written content, look to get featured on various big publications.Β 

Idea #3 – Answer Questions on Quora

Quora is a great platform that offers opportunities for a brand to establish itself as someone readers can trust.Β 

You will find all kinds of questions asked on Quora. The best answers are upvoted and end up at the top. So as long as you provide in-depth answers, readers will vote for you. And when you become someone they trust and know, feel free to include some links in your answers.

Idea #4 – Encourage Satisfied Customers to Leave Reviews

Customers who are happy with the product or services that they got from you should be encouraged to leave a review. Genuine feedback is worth a lot because a random person is willing to trust the experience of a real buyer instead of getting bombarded with ads.

So when someone visits the store and browsers through products, seeing an honest, positive review might be enough to convince the visitor to spend the money and become a customer.Β 

Idea #5 – Join a Podcast

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Podcasts are also a channel of marketing worth consideration. There are podcasts for digital marketing as a whole, but you may find one or two that are related to your niche.Β 

Getting to talk about a subject you are knowledgeable and passionate about will provide to be fruitful. And if the host invites you on the podcast, he or she will have to let you talk just a little bit about your business, right?

Idea #6 – Send Email Newsletters

Email newsletter serviceΒ continues to be an effective technique that raises brand awareness and brings businesses more customers. Manually collecting email lists is a tough chore, so be sure to have a plugin that does the work on the website for you.

The first thing you want to do is find a way to hook people, so they subscribe to the newsletter. It can be an exclusive discount for the first purchase, or a chance to enter a raffle.

Idea #7 – Participate in a Live Event

Live events are where you meet people that could prove useful going forward. Expanding your network will do a lot of good if you are looking to grow even more in the future.

Shaking hands with a few people here and there and talking about your brand will spread the word. And if there is an opportunity to give a talk, go for it. Let them hear what you have going on.Β 

Idea #8 – Publish Content on Social Media

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Social media marketing gives you a chance to organize contests and giveaways, interact with the audience directly, and work with influencers. Publishing content with people using your products, like wearing clothes, will be another step towards building a stronger relationship between the brand and its customers.

The channel, no matter which platform you choose, will take time to build. But it will still be worth it in the end since social media is not going away. So having a strong presence on the most popular platforms will do you lots of good long-term.