Which Agencies Can Perform the Best SEO Audit for Your Website?


Why Is Not Every SEO Audit Good for Your Website? 

SEO is the best organic online marketing method. Why? Because a good SEO strategy can help you grow your business at an exponential rate. It is a long-term method, and the results produced will be slow in the beginning, but the more effort and time you invest in SEO, the more the results will grow. But to be able to benefit from this type of growth, you need to use the services of a reliable SEO agency. And the first and essential step is to start with an SEO audit.

If you want to take care of your website SEO by yourself, then you need to learn and gain a lot of experience before you can start to produce results for your website. SEO is a complex field, and it takes a lot of time and effort to become a professional in this field. But all the time required for this will keep your site from growing. For this reason, you need to use the services offered by an SEO agency. 

In the business world, time is the most significant resource that you have. That is why you need to find a professional agency that can take care of your website SEO using the most efficient methods. And the first task is the SEO audit. Most agencies provide this service. But every one of them will produce different results through the audit service. Some agencies will only use some tools and give you the results without providing anything else. You do not want to find and collaborate with this type of agency. 

Other SEO agencies are more reliable, and they will explain every part of the results obtained from the audit. So, this will help you understand the problems that your website has. So, it will be easier for you to find a solution. But the best agencies will go a step further and will provide you with the answers as well. They will tell you how to improve your website SEO. You should only look for these agencies because they are the most reliable ones and you can be sure that they will be able to produce the best results for your website. 

You need to understand the importance of an audit for your future SEO results. The main goal of an SEO audit is to find all the errors and problems that drag the ranks of your website down. It will also showcase the state of your website and help the agency find the best methods and strategies that will improve it as fast as possible. 

You Need a Customized Strategy, and a Professional SEO Audit Is Mandatory for it! 

With the advancement of the SEO industry, most strategies had become redundant. In the past, many general strategies produced exceptional results for every website. But that is no longer true nowadays. Only customized ones can produce top-notch results. So, a reliable agency must be able to create this type of strategy. Keep in mind that an SEO agency must perform a thorough agency and get all the required information to be able to devise a proper one. 

What information should you get from a proper audit? 

Before you use the audit services of an agency, you should ensure that the results that you obtain contain all the essential information that you will need in the future. Doing this will also ensure that you find a reliable agency that you can trust. There are four different pieces of information that an audit should provide you. 

  • Errors and problems. The first requirement for an audit is to find every problem and error that your website has. As mentioned above, the SEO of a website is divisible into three parts. For the technical part, the audit must find all the link errors, loading speed, and mobile compatibility of your website. From the on-page part, you need to find the quality of the content, content positioning, and user experience feedback. Lastly, you need to find the number and quality of your backlinks for the off-page part. The agency must check all of these parts of your website SEO. Any error or problem must be noted and provided to you together with explanations that will help you understand how they affect the ranks and the results of your website.  
  • Keyword research. The second part is the research of keywords. An audit should find out all the keywords for which your website ranks in search engines. It must also check the potential and the results that these keywords produce for your business. This step will not only help you understand the position of your website in search engines, but it will also be helpful for the competitor research as well as the creation of a customized strategy. 
  • Competition research. After the agency does the keywords research, it must also do the competition research. You need to know your opponents for the fights for every keyword. The more information you know about them, the higher your chances of winning the competition and get the first ranks in search engines. So, this is essential because the first ranks in search results attract over 70% of the visitors. The results of this research are mandatory for the customized strategy that the agency will create for you. 
  • Customized strategy. The last step of a proper audit should be the creation of plans made for your website. It must provide you with solutions for all the problems found with your website’s SEO and well as the best tailored strategy and steps that you must take to have a chance of winning the competitions in search engine result pages. 


What should a customized strategy take into consideration? 

Some of the best SEO Agencies understand that one size does not fit all in the sphere of optimizing digital performance. In other words, the SEO strategy for an Ecommerce brand is going to be very different than the SEO strategy for a normal website. This is why in this section; we will talk about the various aspects of customization of SEO to suit different needs and requirements.

A customized strategy must consider three factors. These factors are different from website to website, and if you use plans customized for other sites, then you will not get the same results. Only the ones that are customized for you will be able to produce the best results and help you grow your company in the shortest time possible. These factors are: 

  • Website state. An agency can deduce the state of your website from the results of the audit. And this is the foundation of a customized strategy. It will help an SEO professional to create the framework as well as the first part of the plan. Which will be the correction of any error or problem that drags your website down. But all the factors must be intertwined and taken into consideration to create a strategy which will need as little change as possible in the future. 
  • Brand image. The second factor is the brand image of your website and business. You should know that the brand image of any business is essential, and it will decide almost by itself the success of your business in the long run. A customized SEO strategy must consider it, and you will need to provide the agency with all the information that it needs for the creation of your company brand image. 
  • Customized content. Content is the king factor in SEO. Every strategy must focus on it, and the same applies to any customized plan as well. So, the agency needs to ensure that not only your website will only have high-quality content, but that it is compatible with your business needs. For example, if your business needs more leads, it must be able to influence the website visitors to revisit the website as much as possible or to subscribe to your website newsletters. But if your website needs more sales, then it must focus on influencing the visitors to buy your products. For this reason, the content writers of reliable agencies are one of the best in the industry.

How to Find an Agency That Can Provide a Top-Notch SEO Audit! 

Now that you know the importance of an SEO audit, you may wonder how and where you can find a reliable agency that cannot only do this audit for you. But it can also follow up and implement the strategy and satisfy all your business SEO needs. Do not need to worry too much. It is quite easy to find such an agency. All you need to do is to follow three easy steps, and you will be able to find an agency that can help your business. 

  • Make a list. The first step is to make a list. All you have to do is to search around the internet and find as many agencies as possible. Try to focus on the agencies that are not very famous because that will help you find agencies that have top-notch abilities and affordable prices. 
  • Check the website. The second step that you need to take is to check the websites of these agencies. Check the results produced by the agencies, the reviews left by their customers as well the quality of the content present on the site. Doing this will help you eliminate all the agencies that do not have enough abilities. 
  • Test the services. Lastly, from the big list that you made, you should delete from the list most of the agencies and keep only the top ones. Two or three that convinced you of their capabilities. Next, you should test one of their services and find out their true abilities by directly working with them.