Do You Need a High Refresh Gaming Monitor?


If you are looking for the right monitor, you will become surprised by the options that are available right now. Gone are the days when you only have a few choices. Right now, you can choose from so many. You probably do not know where you will begin.

A lot of the monitors that you will see right now will come with better panels. They will have higher resolutions and different inputs. There are a lot of features that are available but how will you know which ones you need when there are so many things that you have to think about?

High Refresh Rates

One of the things that companies say in order to make people purchase their items is that their products can offer high refresh rates. There are different monitors that come with their specs emblazoned to help you decide. You can commonly see monitors that are placed with 120Hz or 144Hz. How will you know which one to pick based on that detail alone? Do you think that the 144Hz is better because the number is higher than the 120Hz? This is something that you will learn more about as you continue reading.

The Meaning of Hz

The refresh rate is known to be the number of times per second that the display will be refreshing the image that can be found on the screen. Take note that in between those seconds, a lot of movements may take place depending on the game that you are playing. The best thing that you can do is to make sure that everything is visible.

A monitor that will be refreshing 100 times per second will be great but even if you go beyond that, there is a chance that a higher refresh rate will not make any difference. If you would choose a monitor with a high frame rate, you can be sure that there will be a noticeable change in how sharp the images will be. 

Who Will Benefit from High Refresh Rates?

Gamers will usually benefit from having high refresh rates because this will lessen the possibility of the graphics from blurring. There are some people who would like to play a lot of fast-paced games. If the monitor will not be able to give up, there may be some lagging that will take place. There is also a chance that it will be harder for gamers to play because the screen’s refresh rate will be too slow.

Do take note that according to some experts, refresh rates do not have to be too high because there will be no difference anymore. If there is one thing that you will notice with high refresh rates, the movements of the images that you will see on-screen are sharper.

Are High Refresh Rate Monitors Worth It?

Will it be worth it to purchase a monitor with a high refresh rate? This is going to be more expensive than the typical monitor that you can get but depending on your needs, it may be the best decision that you will make. There is one thing that you should ask yourself, “What else can I purchase with that money?” If you cannot think of any other item to get, then you can purchase a monitor with a high refresh rate. If you would rather spend the money on wireless earphones that you can use gaming, then the choice will be completely up to you.

Other Factors to Consider When Choosing the Right Gaming Monitor

It is only the refresh rates that you should consider when getting the right gaming monitor. It is important that you will consider factors that you find important. For example, do you find the sound to be important? You can choose a monitor that can be easily hooked up to speakers. It will improve your gaming experience very well.

Some important factors are the following:

  •  Price – You want to get something that will still fit your budget without sacrificing the quality of the images that you will see on screen.
  •  Screen Size – The larger the room that you are playing in, the larger the screen size should be.
  •  Brand – Some people find the brand important because brands that have a good reputation are usually more eager to provide quality items.

The details that you have learned will hopefully help you in deciding whether you should get a monitor with a high refresh rate or not.

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