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How to Remove Virus From Android Phone in Easy Steps

remove virus from android

Remove Virus from Android

When it comes to Android malware, it can be annoying and frustrating at the same time. We are going to discuss how to remove the virus from android and its not that difficult task in this era.

1. How to detect the virus in an Android tablet?
2. How to get rid of the virus from your Android Phone?
3. What are some Android Viruses and how they are harmful?

1. How to Detect and Remove Virus in Android smartphones?

There are some symptoms that can help you check if your android phone has been affected by Android malware or not. Android malware is dangerous and can do more damage than you think.

1. Decrease Battery Life

2. More Data Usage

3. Unnecessary PopUp Ads

4. Slow loading of Apps

5. Deletion of important files.

2. How to get rid of the virus from your smartphone?

If your android mobile shows signs of the virus then you need to follow few steps to remove the virus from your android phone for free. Here is the list of the proven methods. Let us start one by one.

  1. Uninstall Suspicious Android Apps

    Google is continuously monitoring its play store and removing the malicious app from time to time but there are still few apps that can cause damage to your device or the apps install through unknown sources can also inject the virus in your devices but it’s not a problem anymore, by deleting those apps you will be able to remove virus from android. To get rid of these apps follow a few steps to uninstall apps.

    1.1 Head into Settings
    1.2 Click Apps and Notifications
    1.3 All Apps then click on the app in question.
    1.4 Click on Uninstall



    Click on Apps


    remove virus from Android1
    Uninstall the App
  2. Install AntiVirus Apps

    Antivirus tools go through all of your smartphones and search for suspicious data/files and delete them. All of you have to do is install a good antivirus. Some of them are as follows:

    2.1 Kaspersky Mobile Antivirus
    2.2 Avast Mobile Security
    2.3 Bitdefender Antivirus Free
    2.4 Norton Security & Antivirus
    2.5 McAfee Mobile Security & Lock
    2.6 Avira Antivirus Security
    2.7 AVG AntiVirus 
  3. Do Factory Data Reset

    The factory reset will delete all of your data [Virus Too].Before doing a factory reset you need to take the backup of your android phone data, messages, and media files. For easy factory reset follow these steps.

    3.1 Head to Settings
    3.2 Click on System
    3.3 Click on Advanced Option
    3.4 Reset options
    3.5 Erase all data.
    Click on System
    Click on System
    factory reset data
    Click on Reset
    remove virus from android 5
    Factory Reset All Data
  4. Stop Virus From Being Re-installed

    Only download android apps from authentic sources [Google Play Store]. Most of the time installing apps from unknown sources contain viruses. If your smartphone is installing unauthorized apps then stop it.

    5.1 Head to Settings
    5.2 Move to Apps
    5.3 If the "Unknown Sources" option is ticked then untick it.
    Unknown Apps
    Untick Unknown Apps

3. What are some Android Viruses and how they are harmful?

Here is the list of the famous android viruses that are causing problems in your android phones.

Shedun - Automatically Root Your Device

Godless - Root device while switching off.

Hummingbad -  Show Popup Ads.

Gunpoder - Delete Important data without notice.

Having a virus in the smartphone causes a lot of problems. No one likes them at all. Follow the above steps to remove them from your device.

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