Why Is SEO Service Important for Websites?


You definitely feel that search engine results like Google are always relevant. Yes, search engines do not sort search results randomly when searching for information. This is done to provide satisfying services, considering that search engines serve millions of internet users every day who want the right answer or solution. This is what then makes the workings of SEO service (Search Engine Optimization) play an important role in finding information on the internet. Moreover, at this time anything can be searched through Google, so if people find your blog or online store at the top level of search, there will be many benefits that you receive.

Then, do you know what exactly SEO is? It is a process for optimizing website rankings on search engines. Optimizing a website is so important because the majority of internet users tend to only click on one of the top five disbursement results on the first page of search engines. Therefore, if you have a website page, either a blog or an online store, SEO optimization is an effective and efficient way to try.

How SEO works include three stages, namely Technical SEO, On-Page SEO, and Off-Page SEO. And can not be separated from algorithmic updates that are routinely carried out by each search engine. This is important so that the search results that are displayed actually display the right results. Therefore, when typing keywords (keywords) that you want to search for in search engines, the search results will display articles or websites related to these keywords.

In essence, how SEO works is quite simple. However, it becomes difficult because it requires process and consistency. No wonder that it takes months for the SEO strategy to run shows the results. These are the points behind the importance of SEO for a website.

– Increase potential traffic

SEO is the tool you need to get top positions on Google or Yahoo. This is important because websites that enter on the first page of Google’s search engine will have a higher chance of traffic than websites that appear on the second page or so on. This traffic will later become a potential customer for a business or potential visitor for a potential blog for you.

– Building branding awareness

SEO can also provide benefits for website owners. The higher the ranking of a website in Google’s search results, the more people know about it. This will eventually lead to increased brand awareness of your website, which in turn makes sales for products or services even greater.

– Gives credibility or trust

Most internet users really trust Google. In fact, people believe that the first rank in Google’s search results is articles or websites from well-known companies, so they are considered more trustworthy and credible. Conversely, if a website is not found on Google, then the credibility will be questioned.

– Provides effective results

Unlike advertising, the results generated by how SEO works are quite permanent. Generally, online ads such as Google Ads will not appear when the budget you set is up. Similarly, advertising on social media such as Facebook Ads. However, this does not apply to SEO. Your website will remain in the ranking for a long time. Even if there is a decrease in ranking or enter page two, then you can increase it again with the same SEO strategy.

If you are interested in using SEO services, you can pay attention to these things:

As much as possible do not be easily influenced by SEO agents who occupy the top list in search engines. Of course, it’s easy for these companies to buy the top spot on the list, so it’s easy for them to promote their own company. Unfortunately, there is no information on the list which is reliable and trustworthy, and it would be better if we search for information on our own, through blogs, forums, and reviews on sites to find out the truth.

A good SEO service company definitely has a character that will catch your attention and make you interested. Make sure the company has an account on social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ which of course must have followers and be active. Check whether they have locations that you can visit so that we can more easily find out their true presence if one day they disappear from the “virtual world” after you make payment.

A good company at work will always guide you for free and offer help on your web and hosting to make sure everything is in line with your SEO promotion needs. Therefore, if you do not find useful and up-to-date information on SEO companies’ web sites and their proposals, or they continually charge every consultation or change of plan, you should think twice before using their services.

If one of your close friends, family, or coworkers has previously worked with the company, you should pay attention to their suggestions about SEO service providers. Even if you are a member of joint marketing, company owner, or company manager, it will be very good and smart if you want to listen to other people’s reliable advice.

Another aspect that is no less important in finding an SEO company is reputation. After you have narrowed your list of choices, you should check their reputation. Look at their feedback, reviews, certifications, and connections. It is very necessary for a company to collaborate with other companies that have a good reputation because it can affect a good reputation also for your company. Conversely, if we work with companies like fraudsters, then it might be that people view your company also has the same reputation.

Examine companies that will collaborate with you transparently in various fields, especially methods, expertise, and work practices. Transparent companies will be less likely to hide things from you. Conversely, companies that are not transparent are likely to hide things from you.

A good SEO company must do your web review and your company’s performance in the search engine before giving a quote. This is important so that you can consider the right payment price to offer. But the price is too cheap it is also not a good choice. A good SEO service provider is one that offers all SEO services, including social media optimization, email marketing, local search optimization, and Google Adwords.